Why a DJ and sax wedding music combo will make your big day one everyone will remember!

Why should you have DJ and sax wedding music on your big day?

Are you planning a wedding and stuck on music choice? Before you look any further, let me introduce you to our DJ and sax wedding music. Outstanding sound, groovy vibes, and effortlessly memorable (If I do say so myself) here are 3 reasons I believe you need our DJ and sax wedding duo.

1. It’s friggin awesome

Imagine live music from a professional saxophonist, effortlessly jamming along to some DJ beats, blessing everybody’s ears with great tunes and bringing everybody to the dance floor. Imagine music so good, guests stay for “just one more dance”. Imagine the good times all the way into the night. If this is something you want at your wedding, you need our DJ and sax wedding music.

2. You can’t beat it!

Just like pineapple on pizza, a wedding DJ with saxophone player makes for an unlikely pair, but it just works. In my experience, it is a very cool sound and for sure will be one of the amazing things people remember about your wedding night in years to come. It’s soulful, it’s sexy, and it always makes people want to dance. While it may be considered a bold choice, the sounds and music we create as a DJ and sax wedding duo are awesome, and I don’t think you’ll regret it for one second. When you hire DJ and saxophone wedding entertainment, your guests are guaranteed to be boogying on the dance floor all night!

3. We’ll match your vibe!

It’s important that everything at your wedding goes according to plan. You’ve been planning this day for way too long, and you deserve it to go smoothly. There’s not much worse than being at your own wedding and wishing you’d taken more time to find good evening entertainment. Instead, you’re left with music you are not enjoying, ultimately dragging the mood down. Luckily, it’s easy to avoid this. DJ and sax wedding music to naturally encourages everybody to join the dance floor. Even Grandma!

As a wedding DJ with saxophone duo, we can perform almost all genres of music, meaning it fits everybody’s taste. From funky and groovy, soul to pop, some old-timely classics all the way through to everybody’s favorite party anthems, with our DJ and sax wedding music, there’s no excuse for guests not to get their dancing shoes on.

Meet Jonny

Hopefully, you’re now convinced to hire our DJ and sax duo for your wedding night. You may also be wondering who ‘we’ is…introducing my extremely talented buddy, Jonny the saxophonist! I love to play as a pair with Jonny. He is passionate and utterly awesome, and a pleasure to create music with. I can personally guarantee we will bring your wedding night alive!

DJ and sax wedding duo

If you want a performance so good your wedding will be the one to beat, you’re in the right place. I may be biased, but i certainly think a DJ and sax wedding is the best choice you could make for your big day. If you don’t trust me, check out what my past clients have to say about me and Jonny’s performance on their big day here.

Creating a magical atmosphere on your big day is just as important to me as it is to you. I consider myself an expert at tailored wedding music and guarantee to make your day special. Get in contact today to make all your music dreams come true!