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Essex Wedding Saxophonists

Looking to add a Wedding Saxophonist to your big day?

When it comes to booking a Wedding Saxophonist – interaction is key! There’s no point having a Saxophonist that stands in the corner with a microphone on a stand. It brings nothing to the night so honestly – save your money. Over the years I’ve worked with a variety of Saxophonists and the performers I’ve listed below are my ‘cream of the crop’. Most Saxophonists advise that they’ll just ‘toot along to anything’ but that’s not going to send your guests wild is it?

With hundreds of Wedding DJ & Sax performances now under my belt, I’ve built up a collection of music across several genres, specifically to enhance the performance you’ll receive from the Saxophonist working with me on your big day. For me to recommend a Saxophonist they must be professional, able to play at a high standard and interact with your guests whilst performing. 

PLEASE NOTE: Although I work with the performers listed below on a regular basis, I do not operate as an agency or, make any form of commission on their service. I’m more than happy to check their availability but, please ensure your booking is secured with them directly.

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Recommended Saxophonists

Jonny on Sax

If you’ve been following my social media accounts for some time, this guy needs no introduction! In July 2019 I was first introduced to Jonny – a guy that could play the Sax to a high standard but, very rarely played at private events let alone Weddings. 

That first night, we instantly clicked and our high energy DJ & Sax duo was born! Now, with over 100 Weddings under our belt, Jonny comes with my highest recommendation! Like every great duo, we know each others next move! Leaving us in a position to take your party to the next level!

Saskia Porter-Thaw

If truth be told, up until 12th April 2024 I hadn’t had the opportunity to work alongside Saskia but, I’ve followed her journey and seen the array of impressive corporate clients she’s performed for, including: Lamborghini & Swarovski not to mention some huge festivals across the world! 

I won’t recommend suppliers without working with them first so, I invited Saskia to come and perform at my event ‘DJ Scott Dewing + Friends’ on 12th April 2024. Saskia was absolutely incredible!…. not only as a musician but as an interactive performer too. I can’t wait to work alongside this very talented young lady moving forward.

Matt Pearse Sax

I had the pleasure of working with Matt back in July 2023 at The Little Green Wedding Barn, Diss and what a night we had! 

Matt stepped up from the very beginning to put on one hell of a performance for a very lively crowd (to say the least). His crowd interaction skills were great and his ability to freestyle over an instrumental was phenomenal. I’m very much looking forward to the bookings we have coming up!

Jackson on the Sax

I’ve been lucky enough to work alongside Jackson on the Sax a few times now. The first was for a large corporate client and well known high street retailer – Primark (at their HQ in Reading).

He’s a great guy and with his age, he comes with lots of energy (even for the liveliest of crowds). He has a real passion for music and he’s very professional!

Wedding Saxophonist FAQs

Please be aware that other Wedding Saxophonists will have they’re own terms of business and their answers may vary from below. This will however give you an idea on what questions to ask the Saxophonist you feel suits your event.

All the Saxophonists recommended on my website will play along to a variety of genres. I have a selection of tracks that are driven towards getting the best out of each Saxophonist which, will give you the best value for money from their performance. These genres include House, RnB, Disco, Soul & Motown and Garage to name a few. Please get in touch if you’d like to ask about specific genres and/or tracks that they could perform.

Depending on the Saxophonist you choose will depend on the mileage from their location. Please use the contact details provided above to ensure the fee they quote is within their mileage limitation. Here is a quick insight to their locations:

Jonny on Sax – Essex

Saskia Porter-Thaw- North West London

Matt Pearse – West London

Jackson on Sax – Essex


All the Saxophonists I recommend use an Alto Sax.

Jonny also uses a Tenor.

Please double check with the Saxophonist what they require to secure the date.

The booking won’t be secured with the Saxophonist until a booking fee has been paid. The best time to make this payment is when you’re 100% on booking the performer for your big day as the booking fee is non-refundable. 

The due date for balances will vary across the performers listed above.

The one thing I know for sure is that full payment will need to be made before their performance takes place.

Absolutely not.

All the musicians listed above are very busy in their own right and regularly work on a variety of other projects. Whether they’re also part of band, performing at festivals or working alongside other DJs. Please feel free to get in touch with them, even if I’m not the DJ. 

I allow Saxophonists to plug into my sound system (it sounds like a silly thing to highlight but not all DJs do). This means that the setup time is much quicker as they simply need to plug in their wireless microphone, (potentially) build the sax depending on the sax being used and make any adjustments to the reed ready to perform.

Typically it takes less than 10 minutes for them to setup but ideally I like them to arrive 30 minutes before the event for peace of mind.

As with every Saxophone there is a minimum volume that they’ll be able to play as they need to get the Sax to function. Generally it will be down to myself to adjust the mic volume through the system but, we can work this out between us on the night.

Wedding Saxophonist

Take a look at this incredible performance by Jonny not only on a variety of tracks, but played on both an Alto and a Tenor including the very highly requested ‘Jubel – Klingande’.

Jonny can be secured to play at your ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and ofcourse alongside myself in the evening but, if you have any other requirements then ofcourse he would love to hear from you and make it happen.

Sax Availability

If you’re looking for a DJ & Sax Duo for your Wedding, just pop your details over and I’ll get right back to you.

I ask for a phone number rather than an email address as so many end up in the spam folder but don’t panic – I hate being pestered too, I’ll just let you know if we’re available.