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Light Up Dancefloor Reviews

Scott was brilliant setting up the dancefloor and letting me know what was going on to the lead up to our wedding. It was a light up one and it was amazing. It worked all night we had no issues and so many guests comment on how beautiful it was. Thank you so much!!!!!

Jasmine Holgate

10th October 2019

We knew from the very beginning that we wanted a sparkly dancefloor for our big day as we'd seen one at our friends Wedding a couple of years back. Scott told me that he'd just bought a brand new floor and that it would look incredible! It's safe to say - he didn't dissapoint - just gutted we left it too late to book him as our DJ. Thanks again for the incredible service.

Kirsty Jones

8th February 2020

Starlit Dancefloor Hire

My LED starlit dancefloor will transform your already beautiful venue into what can only be described as a glamorous party palace. Not only will it create the perfect ambience for your first dance, but it will also become the glowing centrepiece ready for the night’s entertainment. The light from the sparkling LEDs will allow you to adjust the venue lighting much lower than usual which, will enhance the lit decor around the room such as light up letters, coloured uplighting and more which will also compliment your sparkly dancefloor.`

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Wedding Starlit Dancefloor

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How big do I need the Starlit Dancefloor?

Choosing the perfect size of your twinkling dancefloor can be based on a number of factors. There could be an area of the room where the dancefloor would look incredible but is restricted in space. In my own opinion: I think it would be better to use this area where it looks right and sacrifice a bigger dancefloor if it makes the room look aesthetically correct (trust me – I’m talking my way out of extra income here). Ultimately the dancefloor will create the wow factor even if it’s smaller than you’d hoped – it will have enough space to create those iconic first dance shots. Your guests will still dance even if there’s no room on the dancefloor. They’ll just rotate throughout the night giving everyone the opportunity to ‘dance on the stars’.

On average the most popular size LED starlit dancefloor hired is 16ft x 16ft which, generally speaking, is enough space for 60 – 75 dancers. You can, of course, fit more dancers on there if your dancers are perfectly positioned and only do the 2-step, but you’ll lack space if everyone’s a breakdancer – I’m sure you get the idea.

Please don’t feel you need to hire a starlit dancefloor based on how many guests are attending. Some will be at the bar, some will be outside smoking, some will need to leave early and some will be making their way through the buffet before the venue staff take it away.

Please see below the most popular imperial square sizes and the average number of dancers the LED dancefloor will hold:

12ft x 12ft – 35-45 dancers
14ft x 14ft – 45-60 dancers
16ft x 16ft – 60-75 dancers
18ft x 18ft – 75-95 dancers
20ft x 20ft – 95-115 dancers
22ft x 22ft – 115-135 dancers
24ft x 24ft – 135-160 dancers

If your venue is fairly big then it can sometimes look a little silly having a rather average size dancefloor. This then comes down to whether you’d prefer to increase the size of the floor to look aesthetically correct in the venue or, try and gather other props and services to fill the space such as light up letters, sweet cart, photo booth etc. There’s no right or wrong way and you’re more than welcome to ask for advice.

What effects does the LED Dancefloor have?

My Starlit Dancefloor has a variety of effects that can be changed at the click of the button via remote which, makes it perfect for photographers on your big day! This means they can set the dancefloor to still rather than sparkling to get that incredible first dance photo. Generally, throughout the night the most popular setting is sparkling but you’re more than welcome to decide on the night.

How can I expect the Sparkly Dancefloor to be presented?

I take great pride in my dancefloor and keep it maintained to the highest level. Unfortunately, it’s not unusual to see dancefloors on hire with some panels not working due to a damaged contact or loose cable. The panel problem may not be able to be resolved on-site which, is why I always ensure I take spare panels just to be on the safe side.

After every hire, my dancefloor is not just cleaned by hand but machine polished ready for the next event. You can always expect it to be presented at the highest standard with a high gloss finish.

What should I look out for when hiring an LED Starlit Dancefloor?

When you’re searching for starlit dancefloor hire in Essex, Suffolk, Cambridge, Hertfordshire, Kent & London, you will notice that the price range fluctuates dramatically. A 16ft x 16ft starlit dancefloor will cost anywhere from £200 right up to £650. Everyone has a budget and of course, I respect that but, please bear this in mind before booking. It will look much better to not have an LED dancefloor than have one that has deep black scratches and scuffs across it because it’s not cleaned properly or regularly. Please also make sure you have an agreement in place with the LED dancefloor supplier that should any of the panels not work on the night, you are entitled to some form of refund. Imagine having that iconic first dance shot taken and one of the panels isn’t working or the dancefloor edging is black and filthy from never being cleaned. Trust me – it stands out like a sore thumb!

Dancefloor Availability

If you’d like to see if my LED Starlit Dancefloor is available for your event, just fill in the details required and i’ll get right back to you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my FAQs page or pop over a message on my contact page.