Frequently Asked Questions

If there's something you're unsure of that's not listed below in my frequently asked questions - please don't hesitate to get in touch.

DJ Frequently Asked Questions

Yes and I’m covered up to £10,000,000. Please click the link below to view the certificate.

PLI Certificate (Expiry 29/01/25)

Yes, all of my equipment is tested and I have a PAT Certificate which can be viewed below. The law states that anything over a year old must be tested but for everyones peace of mind – everything is tested regardless of age.

PAT Certificate (Expiry 16/02/2024)

I’ve been lucky enough to play at a huge number of venues in my time in the industry however, there are still a few I haven’t. Please feel free to let me know which venue you’ve booked for instant peace of mind.

If I haven’t, please don’t panic. I’ll be in touch with the venue long before your event to ensure that everything runs smoothly on the day.

To secure me to DJ your event I require a deposit of £250.

Yes ofcourse, it’s always nice to know where you stand before you make the commitment to book. Please see below my standard terms of business.

DJ Scott Dewing – Terms & Conditions

Yes absolutley! A booking will only be secured once I have received your deposit and a signed booking form with terms. This form can be viewed below.

DJ Scott Dewing – Wedding Booking Form

I like to offer everyone full peace of mind that I’ll be arriving on the day. I’m more than happy to wait until the day of your event for you to pay the balance. This can be paid when I arrive at the venue but MUST be paid before I setup the equipment.

If you would prefer to wait until the day to complete the payment then I would suggest a cash payment rather than transfer incase there are any signal issues at the venue.

This is your event so you’re in charge. I’m more than happy to take a playlist from you of tracks that must be played on the night and there is no limit to how many you can give me. Just be conscious that a typical event lasts 5 hours and on average a track lasts 3 minutes. Your looking at around 100 tracks for the night – the more you give me the shorter the play time will be for each track.

We will discuss in more detail the plans for the evening and as an example, i’ll ask: “if the playlist you’ve provided is not working with the audience you have, would you like me to continue with it or let me shake things up a little?”

There is no right or wrong answer – I’d just hate to get to the end of the night for you to say ” I wish you’d of taken over”

If I’ve taken a booking from you then I will 100% be your DJ unless ofcourse something drastic (out of my control) has happened.

I’d like to quickly point out that, in over 15 years of my career, I have always attended the bookings I’ve been secured for and have never let anyone down.

If I’m not available for your event then I’m more than happy to provide you with the contact details of another supplier that I believe is reputable and talented in the industry.

Weddings & Corporate events – I will never dress less than a guest. You will see me in a 2-piece suit with shirt, tie and polished shoes unless ofcourse you are hosting a black tie event where this will be exchanged for a dinner suit/tuxedo with bow tie.

Birthday parties and similar events are more smart/casual with branded polo shirt, trousers/jeans and shoes/black trainers. This ofcourse can be discussed regarding the plans you have for the evening.

There is a whole range of products and services I can offer and some people don’t like to commit to something without the guarantee the budget will be there in the future. I completely understand and you are more than welcome to decide at a later date.

I can’t guarantee the products or services will be available when you’d like to add them but fortunately I have two identical starlit dancefloors available for hire and a whole range of light up letters so i’m sure I’ll have you covered.

If not, I’ll point you in the right direction.

I didn’t have anything in place for the COVID-19 Pandemic although for me it’s fairly straight forward so this is what I have now put in place for the future (hopefully we won’t ever see anything like it again).

If you need to move the date of your event due to a pandemic then I am more than happy to transfer your date absolutley free of charge. If I am unavailable for the next date you have selected then you are more than welcome to a deposit refund.

I will work this around both yourself and the venue. There is no extra charge for an early setup and I’m happy to setup when is most convinient.

Once I have the equipment where I need to setup, it will take me around 25 – 30 mins.

The time that’s added to this will depend on how long it takes for me to get the equipment from the van to where it needs to be setup. This will be discussed with the venue before I arrive on the day but generally speaking, I like to leave an hour overall.

Whenever I talk about the ‘Sax Player’, i’m referring to Jonny – a very talented guy that I regularly work with.

If you’re interested in booking Jonny then I’ll message him to check if he’s available so you know from the start.

If you decide to go ahead, I’ll put you both in touch to discuss finer details and your booking would be with him.

No, I’ve worked with a whole variety of Sax Players and am more than happy to work with any other musicians you have in mind.

I’ve just worked with Jonny for a long period of time. I know he’s a great guy and we’ve got to the stage where we know how each other work to be able to enhance the DJ & Sax experience.

You’ll see that most sax players admit that they’ll ‘toot’ along to anything the DJ plays and I always have in mind that you have paid for a musician so my set at that time will be friendly to the style of musician you have at your event.

I would like the contact details of the musician before the event so I can contact them to discuss any special requests so you get the best value for money from them.

I live close to the Essex/Suffolk border but the majority of my bookings are Essex based – I also cover Kent & London. I’m happy to travel further, just pop us over a message and I’ll confirm if this is viable and if any travel costs would be added to the fee.

No, absolutley not. I’ll be there as a professional supplier and you have paid for my services. I certainly don’t expect you to take on the costs of my food and soft drinks. If I’m attending an all day wedding then I’ll come prepared with some light snacks to get me through the day.

Ahh a DJs worst nightmare ha ha! Yes, I have worked with sound limiters on a regular basis and they are usually in place due to the neighbours the venue has.

I fully understand and respect why they are there, just be aware that this takes things completely out of my control.

Let’s say for example your guests are chanting a song on the dancefloor (close to the sound limiter microphone). If the sound limit has been reached for over usually 5 seconds, this will cut the power that I’m using regardless of how loud my system is at the time.

There has only ever been a couple of events where the power has been cut (completely out of my control). They usually have what’s known as a traffic light system which shows the running volume so once i’ve adjusted to this i’ll be absolutley fine.

Sound Limiter image for DJ Scottt Dewings FAQs


Yes, no problem at all. A lot of venues spend huge amounts of money on incredible installed systems that create a more intense sound on the dancefloor leaving those that would prefer to chat with a little less volume.

I either need to plug into a sound plate on the wall which will link in to their system or they will have loose (usually XLR) cables that can plug straight into the back of my mixer.


If I haven’t played at the venue before then I would certainly give them a call to confirm I have everything for the night giving you full peace of mind.

FAQ answer to DJ Scott Dewing


Although this is never as simple as it sounds I am more than happy to try and cater for this but I need notice if this is something you would like.

The issues I tend to come up against are some people think that a DJ is a DJ and in the old skool world of DJing, that would be correct. They would bring a selection of vinyl that they’re going to play that night and away they go.

In the digital world of DJing, it’s not that simple. DJs use different mixers and software. If a DJ friend of yours arrives with a USB and says “here you go just plug this in” – i’ve got nowhere to plug it. All my ports are already used on the setup I require for the night.

Like I say, it’s possible and I can assist in making it happen – I just need notice.

Providing this is ok with the venue then ofcourse you can.

I recommend running this past the venue before the night. Please let me know if it’s a possibility. 

Ofcourse – I’ve worked with Saxophonists, Pianists & Bongo players to name a few.

If you let me know their details before hand, I will pop a call through to see in which way I can be assistance to ensure you get full value from the musician you’ve booked on the night.

I’m pleased to now be able to offer a fully battery powered wireless speaker which comes complete with wireless microphone.

You can bluetooth your music to it and use it for Wedding speeches to be heard loud and clear.

The portable speaker has an 8 hour battery life – more than enough power to get you through the day until I arrive.

This is just £75 to hire as an add-on fee.

Battery Powered Wireless Speaker

Yes – I’m very proud to say that im a ‘NADJ’ Member.

This is the National Asscociation of Disc Jockeys who support DJ’s with no limits. This puts me in a network of professional DJs that are passionate about the industry. Please click the link below to view my member directory profile.

NADJ Profile – DJ Scott Dewing

NADJ Logo - DJ Scott Dewing

The problem I have is that even I don’t know what i’m going to play when I arrive on the night. I’ll make a judgement when I arrive based on the current atmosphere, the average age and the overall atmosphere you would like to create (we would of already discussed this before the day).

Any DJ that is able to send you a list of what they know they’ll be playing on the night probably plays that same list on every night they DJ which just isn’t how I work.

Well, unless ofcourse you’ve given me a list of tracks that you would like played – that’s different.

LED Starlit Dancefloor Questions

The short answer is no.

The dancefloor is an electrical circuit beneath the PVC panels. The panels are powered via spring loaded copper contacts on the side of each panel. If liquid is spilt on them it can blow the fuses and can continue to blow the fuse until the spillage has been found.

If there’s an issue with the dancefloor from a drink being spilt: it would need to be taken up, each panel have all 4/8 contacts cleaned and then laid again.

ALL dancefloors are the same – if there is electric beneath you, liquid is not the best idea to have above it. I just like to be honest with you.

DJ Scott Dewing answer to FAQs

The booking is for a maximum hire of 24hrs. If you need to extend this for any reason then please get in touch to discuss further.

I am more than happy to supply a protective layer to the venues floor before hand. The material I use is heavy duty tarpauline which is cut to size to the dancefloor so you won’t even know it’s there. There would be no extra charge for this service.

This is a venue where i’ve had to lay the protection before the floor. (This photo was taken before I cut it to size).

Answer to DJ Scott Dewings FAQs regarding Starlit Dancefloor floor protection.


I can supply dancefloors from 14ft x 14ft right up to 28ft x 28ft if required. Generally the most popular size I hire is 16ft x 16ft but this can look small in some of the bigger venues where the capacity is likely to be around 200+.

If you’re unsure then please feel free to contact me as I may of already laid a floor at the venue you’ve booked. If I haven’t, it may be worth asking the venue what the average size is laid there.

No, if you’d prefer a rectangle dancefloor because that works well with the layout of the venue, this is no problem at all.

Yes, I look after everything from start to finish. I just need to know where you’d like it laid and the latest time the floor needs to be setup by. I’ll look after the rest.

No not at all, if you’ve already booked a DJ or you have a band playing – I won’t be offended and am more than happy to supply the dancefloor to your event.

Although I ask everyone not to take drinks on the dancefloor – I understand that you are not going to spend the night pointing this out to your guests.

You will NOT be fined for any spilt drinks on the dancefloor but please understand that IF the dancefloor doesn’t work for the rest of the evening due to a drink being spilt, I am unable to lift the floor, find the spillage and the lay the floor again on the night.

The starlit dancefloor is made up of several panels that connect by spring loaded copper contacts. If the floor isn’t flat at the contacts don’t touch, the dancefloor won’t work.

If the venue has had dancefloors (laid straight on their floor) previously then you’ll be fine. If you’d like the floor laid in a marquee, just make sure they’ll also be laying a level floor where the dancefloor will be going.

Unfortunately, rubber matting straight over the grass won’t work unless ofcourse that grass is incredibly flat.

If in doubt, get in touch. I am more than happy to speak to the venue / marquee company to discuss how we can make it work.

DJ Scott Dewing answer to FAQs


Nothing special or out the ordinary – I’ll be using a standard 13 amp plug.

Most venues are more than happy for suppliers to use standard black tape to hold down any cables that could be a trip hazard. However, some prefer a floor cable cover (see below) which doesn’t leave a sticky residue like most tapes.  I tend to use these but am more than happy to use tape if preferred by the venue.

DJ Scott Dewing answer to FAQs


As much as I’d love to say yes as I think it would look incredible. I just can’t trust our typical british weather.

To give you an idea, a standard 16ft x 16ft starlit dancefloor weighs the same as an average size horse. Trying to pack this up in a hurry to try and save the damage it could cause is just not possible.

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