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Hello & Congratulations

Over the last few years – Weddings have become incredibly exciting to organise! Why? Because the sky’s the limit! Every Wedding I attend – I see Brides & Grooms stepping out of their comfort zone to create a day like no other.

Let’s talk about how we can make your day the most magical experience for both yourselves and your guests. You didn’t think a Wedding DJ just played music, did you?

I have a variety of packages, options and ideas to send your creative mind racing so come on – let’s talk Weddings!

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Wedding DJ Reviews

Great review for DJ Scott Dewing from Mr & Mrs Watson

Scott was brilliant at our wedding. He was really patient with all of our requests! Our guests loved him and the music he chose was perfect. He went above and beyond to make sure our night was amazing. I would recommend him to anyone looking for wedding entertainment.

Daisy Watson

21st December 2019

Great review for DJ Scott Dewing from Harriet Gardiner

Scott is brilliant and I really recommend him for any event you need a DJ for! Scott came to DJ for our wedding blessing reception and was very friendly, great communication beforehand and totally read the audience to play all the right music!

Harriet Gardiner

20th May 2019


My Wedding DJ Personality

There is a real stigma attached to how a typical Wedding DJ performs and what they are generally known for. Usually, it’s the way they use the microphone.

There are two views on how the ‘best Wedding DJ’ would use a microphone. The first is “it’s nice for a DJ to show their personality through the night to create a good atmosphere” the second is that “if you’re a good DJ then you’ll be able to get people dancing without talking over the tracks”.

Everyone has a personal preference and I fully respect that. I am confident as a DJ that I will be able to give you and your guests a night to remember without constantly using the microphone if that’s what you would prefer. However – I am more than happy to provide light-hearted banter to help relax everyone and get them ready for an incredible night. It’s completely up to you.

We can discuss this in further detail whenever you’re ready.

Wedding Music Playlist & Requests

I’ve been a DJ for over 15 years in a variety of environments that have given me a wealth of experience across many genres of music. I won’t arrive with a list of tracks that I know I’ll be playing on the night for the very simple reason that – I don’t know the audience until I arrive.

My belief is that the best Wedding DJs will look around the room whilst playing and see what works. This could be from a tapping thumb on the table to a nod of the head but, as the night progresses -it certainly guides me on what’s going to work well on the dancefloor later that evening.

I am open to all requests both ‘must play’ and ‘play if you can’ suggestions along with any tracks that you don’t want to be played (for any reason). We can discuss the atmosphere you’re looking to achieve and the playlist you’d like to hear throughout the evening. I will set up a folder for your Wedding Playlist and play the tracks you’ve outlined throughout the night when I believe from my experience will work best unless of course – you have specified otherwise.

Light Up Letters

Create the perfect backdrop for all those memorable photos.

TV Display

Tell the story of your relationship on this beautiful TV display.

LED Dancefloor

Hands down one of the best additions to create the Wow-Factor!

DJ & Sax Duo

I'm very lucky to be able to work with Jonny as he's and incredible musician!

Wedding DJ Hire

You’re now spoilt for choice with my Wedding DJ Hire across Essex, Suffolk & London with a variety of stunning venues that each have their own character. Imagine putting all your effort into the finer details of what could be a rustic theme Wedding, only for the DJ to rock up with a full white DJ Booth covered in bright white LEDs – it would just look completey out of place. So, I’ve created a range of exclusive DJ Booths to suit your theme/venue.

Flower Wall DJ Booth

Rustic DJ Booth

Classic DJ Booth

DJ Scott Dewing Classic Black & White DJ Booth

Music Video DJ Booth

DJ Scott Dewing TV Booth

Wedding DJ Prices

I completely understand that it’s incredibly difficult to find a suitable DJ for your Wedding and the variation in price can go from one extreme to the other. I’d like to give you an understanding of what’s included when booking myself as your DJ.

I’m a professional Wedding DJ so, I’ll be DJing in no less than a 2-piece suit. I have invested highly in state of the art equipment from line array sound systems (compact speakers rather than the big bulky speakers you may be used to) along with a DMX light show. This means I have full control of the lights. I can create a dancefloor spotlight, highlight the cake for cutting and generally adjust the colour, speed, motion and brightness of the lights (rather than lots of coloured dots flying around the room like a children’s birthday).

I use the latest equipment which is maintained to the highest standard. The law states that any electrical item that’s less than one year old does not need to have a PAT Certificate. Everything I use is tested and has a certificate to ensure it’s safe at every event regardless of age. I have invested highly in the vehicle I use to ensure it’s reliable for every event. If the worst was to happen and my vehicle was to break down on route – I am covered with Mercedes to bring me a replacement vehicle so I can continue with my journey.

If your comparing me on price to ‘Daves Mega Roadshow’ who works through the week, packs his equipment into his car and DJs for a bit of extra income at the weekends then I’m probably not the right DJ for you but, if you’re comparing me on price to another Wedding DJ Professional then you’ll see I offer good value with incredibly high standards included.

Evening Wedding DJ Service

  • Professional LIVE (5 Hour) DJ Set
  • Your Choice of FOUR DJ Booths
  • High Quality Line Array Sound System
  • Customisable DMX Light Show
  • Early Setup (if required)

Wireless Microphone + Speaker Add-On - £95.00

If you’d like to have your speeches heard loud and clear but have other plans for music/entertainment throughout the day – this is the perfect add-on for you.

All Day Wedding DJ Service

  • Professional LIVE (5 Hour) DJ Set
  • Your Choice of FOUR DJ Booths
  • High Quality Line Array Sound System
  • Customisable DMX Light Show
  • High Quality Wireless Microphone
  • Suitable Wedding Background Music
  • Myself as your MC/Host
  • Music through Drinks Reception & Photos

14ft x 14ft (45-60 Dancers) – £343.00

16ft x 16ft (60-75 Dancers) – £448.00

18ft x 18ft (75-95 Dancers) – £567.00

20ft x 20ft (95 – 115 Dancers) – £700.00

Above pricing includes a machine polish before EVERY hire ensuring the floor is in it’s best condition to WOW your guests as they enter the room. Pricing also includes floor protection (should your venue require it).

3 Units i.e (A&B / I DO / BAR) – £125.00

4 Units i.e (LOVE / COLE) – £140.00

5 Units i.e (MR & MR / DANCE) – £175.00

6 Units i.e (MR & MRS / MILLER) – £180.00

Above pricing includes hire for the full day. The Light Up Letters are battery powered so you can put them anywhere that looks good rather than finding the closest plug socket. *Only Rustic LOVE can go outside*

No Physical Prints – £399.00

1 Print (per visit) – £449.00

2 Prints (per visit) – £499.00

Above pricing is for a 5 hour service, unlimited visits – including props and a photobooth attendant. EVERY above option includes ALL images being sent to you via email after the event.

Show the story of your relationship

in the best way – £249.00

Above pricing includes the display from start to finish of your day. Unlimited photos/videos can be displayed and it’s available as MR & MRS, MR & MR and MRS & MRS.

2 x 45 minute sets – £495.00

Jonny is quite simply the BEST Saxophonist i’ve worked with in the industry. Not only is he clearly an incredible musician, his crowd interaction is second to none. Take a look at the video montage on the DJ & Sax page.

3 x 45 minute sets – £350.00

Seb is an absolute hero and definitely packs a punch at every single performance! Not only does he look the part, he sounds it too! Your guests will love interacting with Seb as he makes his way round the dancefloor!

Steps to book DJ Scott Dewing


Complete the form below to ensure I'm available for your date.

Booking Form + T&Cs

Complete, sign and return the booking form along with the T&Cs. These forms can be found at the bottom of my website should you wish to view them but, I will also send these to you should you wish to go ahead with the booking.

Pay Deposit

Both forms have my bank details included. Please use the date of your Wedding as the reference. The deposit is non-refundable as i'll be securing the date to you and turning away any other potential bookings for the same date.

Finer Details

One month before your Wedding, I'll be sending you a link to this form. (please click the logo above this text to view). Here you'll be able to enter your first dance, cake cutting times, requests along with lots of other details to ensure the night runs smoothly.

Are You Available?

If you’d like to see if i’m available to DJ your Wedding, just fill in your details and i’ll get right back to you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my FAQs page or pop over a message on my contact page.