Celebrating National Saxophone Day!

Why you need a DJ and saxophone wedding duo for your big day!

National Saxophone Day is on the way! Celebrated on the 6th of November, this day is a special occasion that celebrates the beautiful, soul-stirring sounds of the saxophone.

As the best wedding DJ Essex can offer, I, DJ Scott Dewing, have worked with many amazing musicians. However, I find there’s something extra special about a DJ and saxophone wedding, which is why me and my good pal, the very talented Jonny the saxophonist, have worked so many wonderful weddings together.

To mark this important day, here are all the reasons a DJ and saxophone wedding works so well, and why you should consider hiring the best DJ and sax player duo for your big day!

Why do we celebrate National Saxophone Day?

Firstly, it’s important to understand why we celebrate this day.

The day was created to celebrate the invention of the sax instrument. Created by Adolphe Sax in the early 1840s, its invention marked a significant milestone in the world of music.

However, National Saxophone Day is not just about the sax itself. It’s also a big shout-out to the talented folk who’ve mastered this magical instrument. They bring that sweet, versatile sound that can groove with any music genre, in a stylish and sexy way.

The music world wouldn’t be what it is today with the magical instrument that is the saxophone!

The unique blend of a DJ and sax player

While Jonny and I may come from different musical backgrounds, our shared passion for creating unforgettable wedding experiences is what unites us.

I’ve earned my stripes as the best wedding DJ Essex can offer, while Jonny has built up a reputation for wowing audiences with saxophone jams by playing at well-known venues and festivals such as Glastonbury, Leeds Fest and The 02 Academy Sheffield. Together, we make a dynamic duo that turns ordinary weddings into extraordinary celebrations! It’s why so many people have chosen a DJ and saxophone wedding and never regretted a thing.

From ceremony to reception

What truly makes Jonny and I work so well together is our ability to smoothly transition from the serenity of the wedding ceremony to the lively reception.

Our music duo acts as a harmonious bridge that gently guides guests from one phase to the next, ensuring that the energy keeps building throughout the day.

By evening, we’ll bring in the high-energy vibes and ensure everyone hits the dance floor, ready to groove the night away! It’s one of the many great reasons so many people choose a DJ and saxophone wedding duo!

DJ Scott Dewing and sax player Jonny wedding duo - the best dj and saxophone wedding duo ever!

Reading the room

A successful DJ and sax player duo have to have the ability to think alike and read the room to be successful.

This is where me and Jonny’s duo excel. Because we have worked with each other on so many different occasions, and are now great friends, we can create awesome tunes with ease.

I have a knack for understanding the mood of the guests and tailoring my music accordingly. Jonny is an expert at selecting the perfect saxophone melodies to enhance the atmosphere. Together, we create an extraordinary blend of music that keeps everyone on their feet!

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Our unforgettable DJ and saxophone wedding moments

To give you a taste of what a DJ and saxophone wedding can deliver, take a look on my website at my DJ and sax player page. You’ll discover a video showcasing our most unforgettable wedding collaborations. We hope you find the moments as entertaining to watch as we found it fun to perform!

Why should you choose a DJ and sax wedding duo?

National Saxophone Day reminds us of the saxophone’s captivating power and its ability to elevate any celebration. As the best wedding DJ Essex can offer and well-known saxophonist, Jonny, we become the perfect pair to make your big day extraordinary.

If you’re planning a wedding and want to create a unique and magical atmosphere, choose a DJ and saxophone wedding duo! Contact me to find out more, or visit my DJ and sax player page.

Who else do you work with?

If you’re sure a DJ and saxophone wedding isn’t for you, I also work with a one-of-a-kind bongo player!

While it may sound like a weird mix, with me, the best wedding DJ Essex can offer, and Seb, the best bongo player Essex can offer, you’ll be guaranteed wedding music like you’ve never heard before!

To learn more about Seb, the bongo player, visit my DJ and bongos page on my website!

Choose DJ Scott Dewing for the best DJ and saxophone wedding of all time!

If you’re on the hunt for a performance that will etch your wedding in the memories of all your guests, look no further. While I might be slightly biased, I genuinely believe that a DJ and saxophone wedding is the ultimate choice for your big day.

But don’t just take my word for it – check out what others have to say about the unforgettable musical experiences we’ve created for their special days on my reviews page!

To find out why I am the best wedding DJ Essex can offer, and to explore all my DJ and sax player options and packages, contact me!

I can’t wait to help you create the wedding of your dreams!