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Great review for DJ Scott Dewing who supplied Mr & Mrs Shergold with Light Up LOVE Letters for their Wedding.

Scott was brilliant in the run up to our wedding and on the day itself. Really helpful and the LOVE lights were so much better than any others we have seen. We would recommend to anyone. Fantastic service, really friendly and nothing was too much trouble. Thanks so much!!!

Toni & Jon Shergold

26th November 2018

Great review for DJ Scott Dewing who supplied Mr & Mrs Chandler with Light Up LOVE Letters for their Wedding.

We hired the Love letters for our wedding and they transformed the room from looking good to looking amazing. They really are beautiful and make a perfect finishing touch.

Steve & Robyn Chandler

1st September 2018

Illuminated Letters, Numbers & Hearts

Illuminated Letters or Light Up Letters as they’re more commonly known have become a modern tradition in this generation of Weddings. They’ve become a bold way of saying “this is an important day in our lives”. They have so many benefits as an addition to your special day including room decor, photo backdrops, increased atmosphere with the special effects and the ability to really create something personal to you.

I am very proud to be able to offer something a little different to what you may have already seen on your journey. I have two styles of Light Up Letters available – One is the rustic look (perfect for barn style venues) and I have a style that still remains exclusive to me.

Traditionally, Light Up Letters are all white with big chunky bright bulbs and have been for some time. I decided it was time for a change and the market needed to refresh the look it’s had for the last 10 years. As you’ll see from the images on the site, my letters have a white exterior with a black background for the LEDs to fix to. This creates an incredible ‘stars in the night sky’ effect. They have 8 pre-programmed effect settings to choose from to suit the atmosphere and every letter is individually battery powered. This means you can put them anywhere that looks great rather than finding the closest plug socket.

They’ve even caught the eye of Global Superstar – Sir Tom Jones who used my letters at his concert in Castle Park, Colchester on 21st July 2019

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Light Up Love Letters photo from Fennes, Braintree on the Wedding Day of Mr & Mrs Shergold.

Black & White Light Up Letters

I received this beautiful photo from Mr & Mrs Shergold after their Wedding day at Fennes in Braintree, Essex. It perfectly shows how effective these illuminated letters can be on such an incredible day.

I can supply the classic displays such as LOVE, MR & MRS, MR & MR, MRS & MRS, DANCE, BAR & PARTY but, the sky really is the limit with illuminated letters! You can choose something a little more personal like your initials or even your surname.

If you’re looking for something unique then please get in touch. ‘YOU & ME’, ‘OUR DAY’ or perhaps the date of your Wedding could also be displayed – the possibilities are endless.

A display that was featured on BBC Look East for the Clap for Carers on Thursdays at 8pm!

Light Up Heart

The illuminated heart is the latest display I’ve added to the light up collection and it looks incredible!

This can be used not only on its own but as a replacement for the ‘&’ between initials and Mr & Mrs etc.

It has all the same features as the light up letters with the overall look, LED effects and the fact that it’s battery-powered. However, this does feature something else that’s a little special…

You can decide whether you’d like the heart to tie in with the white LEDs on the letters or switch to a classic red. You can really shake things up with the heart by leaving the red LEDs on still and have the white LEDs sparkling – it’s really up to you and you’ve got so many effects to choose from.

Did you know? The first public appearance of my Illuminated Heart was on BBC News as part of ‘Clap for Carers’ every Thursday at 8 pm through Covid-19.

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Rustic Light Up LOVE Letters

A few years ago, the rustic theme hit the Wedding industry and even to this day, more and more barns are being converted into stunning Wedding Venues.

This style of Light Up Letters suits a rustic venue perfectly and although they do have LEDs built in they also look lovely in the day without any lights on at all.

Not only do they suit a rustic venue, they also look incredible in the garden/outdoor area of any venue just like this photo from Mr & Mrs Kings Wedding at Houchins in Colchester, Essex.

Inspiration: Ask your florist to dress the rustic letters in theme with the rest of your Wedding to make an incredible photo opportunity whilst enjoying drinks in the garden.

Light Up Letter / Number / Heart Gallery

Light Up Letter Availibility

Let me know what Light Up Letter display you’re considering at your event and i’ll let you know if it’s available asap.

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my FAQs page or pop over a message on my contact page.

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