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Let's tell your story. . .

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Great review for DJ Scott Dewing who supplied Mr & Mrs Riddleston with the Mr & Mrs Riddleston with the TV Display for their Wedding.

We had the Mr and Mrs TV Stand and the LOVE letters for our wedding. We had photos of nearly everyone who was at our wedding displayed on the TV stand through out the afternoon and evening. Everyone commented on how great it was and what a fantastic idea to have at a wedding. Thank you Scott.

Lisa Riddleston

27th November 2018

Great review for DJ Scott Dewing who supplied Mr & Mrs Dixon with the Mr & Mrs TV Display for their Wedding.

We hired the TV stand for our wedding, what an amazing addition to our day, the guests enjoyed looking at our holiday photos and we are very pleased that we had. The service we received from Scott was exceptional. He was friendly and professional and willing to go the extra mile. Myself and my husband would not hesitate to recommend.

Katie Dixon

3rd September 2019

Let's tell your story . . .

The story of your relationship is a beautiful story to tell – especially on your Wedding Day! This display enables you to show off your favourite photos to all your friends and family on your special day. It’s completely up to you what you’d like to display but as a little inspiration here are some great ideas I’ve had over the years: holiday snaps, photos of you both with your family & friends, pre-wedding photoshoots, photos of you both as children (always goes down well with the parents), first date, your engagement proposal and of course those that can’t be with you on the day.

It doesn’t stop there – the TV Display can also run video so feel free to dig out all those old family videos or any travelling videos you have. Both the photos and videos will just keep rotating so everyone gets to see it throughout the day/evening.

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Wedding TV Display perfect for telling the story of your relationship through all your favourite photos

The Wedding TV Display

The Wedding TV Display stands at a whopping 7ft tall x 4ft wide, making it quite a feature in any venue. It works perfectly throughout wedding breakfast like this photo at Braxted Park in Witham but can be relocated to wherever works best for you. Some Bride & Grooms have placed it by the bar whilst your guests wait to be served, some have placed it near the entrance of the venue as a welcome to their guests. The Wedding TV Display is not only a feature for the day but the evening too! If you look closely, you’ll be able to see the letters are fitted with LEDs. I can set them to any of the 8 pre-programmed effects they have to suit the atmosphere on the night.

Inspiration: Ask your wedding photographer if they would be happy to take photos of your wedding day and then supply some of the iconic shots to the TV Display. Not only will your evening guests be able to see the lovely day you’ve had, you’ll also be able to reflect on it throughout the evening.

Options on Wedding TV Display supplied by DJ Scott Dewing - Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mrand Mrs & Mrs.

Same-Sex Wedding TV Display

This is a really random way to start when we’re talking about a Wedding TV Stand but stay with me… I’m personally a huge fan of Will Smith and back in 2012 in support of Barack Obama he said and I quote:

“If anybody can find someone to love them and to help them through this difficult thing that we call life, I support that in any shape or form.”

I couldn’t agree more! So, of course, I offer same-sex options to every display including both MRS & MRS and MR & MR.

The TV Display is built as an A-frame and then each section (i.e. MRS &) can be added to the frame, making it fully interchangeable.

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Availibility Check

If you’d like to see if the Wedding TV Display is available for your Wedding, just pop your details over and i’ll get right back to you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to visit my FAQs page or pop over a message on my contact page.