Indoor or outdoor dancefloor hire Essex?

Dancefloor hire Essex

The ultimate question. And one, with a great deal more weight to it after the last 2 years.

Indoors or outdoors? There are obvious considerations that spring to mind, like the weather. But with innovations like heated marquees and heat lamps, it is a decision that requires more careful consideration, regardless of the season.

As an experienced event and wedding DJ, I have performed at many venues, indoor and out. As such, I have decided to discuss some advantages and disadvantages of indoor vs outdoor DJ and dancefloor hire Essex.
Hopefully, this will help you decide what option is the right one, for you, and your event!


For the purpose of this discussion, we are categorising outdoor events as any venue that is not an enclosed space (does not have 4 walls).

Some advantages 

Depending on your location, it is often not required to end the event by a certain time. So you can celebrate until your heart’s content! If you have children attending your event, it is always preferable to have a large, safe and open area for them to explore. It gives the adults of the party some peace, and peace of mind. Plus, the kids love it! Speaking of kids, mess in an outdoor space can be a lot easier to manage. Of course, this doesn’t just apply to children and it might be a very important consideration for an adult-exclusive event, (especially if you have an open bar!)

The unfortunate truth is that we have not yet made it out of this pandemic. And with new government guidance daily, planning any event involves taking this into consideration, (especially if you are considering DJ and dancefloor hire Essex).
An outdoor event is likely to be one of the last to be restricted and it is safer for those older or vulnerable members of your party.

For DJ and dancefloor hire Essex it is easier to accommodate larger parties outdoors which means more room on the guest list!

Some disadvantages 

The most notable disadvantage is certainly that outdoor events are susceptible to elements. Rain and cold weather can be combated with appropriate dress and heaters but there is little in the way of wind protection. Wind can cause trouble with your acoustics. This addresses another consideration. Acoustics outdoors are, at the very least, different. With the addition of wind, a performance artist who is unfamiliar with performing at outdoor venues, acoustics can become an issue.

If your event is being hosted on public land, it’s important to consider if there are any additional restrictions because of this. And if the location is not a public place or on public land, what are the road or public transport connections like? It could be wise to consider hiring transport to and from your event.

Indoor Dancefloor Hire Essex


Some advantages

The most obvious advantage that indoor venue and dancefloor hire Essex options will offer is its protection from the elements. Acoustics will likely be better but it does depend on the venue. Though you may not have wind
resistance, it’s important to discuss details of acoustics with your performer. Plus, there are lots of venues available that are fit for purpose.

Some disadvantages

You are often financially liable for any mess left behind or damages. And at the very least, responsible for managing the clean up at the end of the night.

It can be very chaotic in an enclosed space, especially if children are attending. Most venues and dancefloor hire Essex options require limiting or adjusting your guest list in order to accommodate the size and space of the venue.

As previously mentioned, government restriction changes are now a consideration. Large indoor gatherings are of greater risk to those more at risk and will likely be one of the first restrictions put in place. Financially, this is the sort of thing deposits cover, but it varies from venue to venue so be sure to make sure.

As you can see there are advantages and disadvantages on either side, what is most important is that you consider what is best for you and the event you want to host. 

DJ and dancefloor hire Essex

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