Scott Dewing and Friends with St Osyth Priory Weddings.

What’s Scott Dewing and Friends?

Scott Dewing and Friends is an idea that I’ve had for a few years now which is to offer an alternative to traditional wedding fairs, that fail to highlight the atmosphere and entertainment that music can create on your special wedding day. I wanted to put on an event in a beautiful venue, for St Osyth Priory Weddings, that you would want for your own wedding. I wanted to include a great lineup to showcase everything that music can bring to your wedding and to help you envision your big day.

The Concept

The concept behind Scott Dewing and Friends was to throw an amazing party that showcases uniquely the music and entertainment you’d want on your wedding day, so that if you’re looking for the best wedding DJ Essex can provide, my name comes into your mind!
To recap, this is the second event I’ve thrown for Scott Dewing and friends, with the previous event being held on the 31st of March 2023 at Colchester Rugby Stadium. The first event included my DJing from the start to finish of the night with Jonny on Sax & Dan Rawley on Percussion. This event was a huge success but because the venue was so large, it failed to create the intense party atmosphere that I was after. For this year I chose a beautiful venue where St Osyth priory weddings are hosted.

The Venue: St Osyth Priory Weddings

I chose the St.Osyth Priory as it sits perfectly in line with the clientele I tend to attract. The venue is stunning, and historic and sits on a beautiful estate which, has been renovated over the last 20 years. I wanted a venue where potential customers could envision how their big day could look. The St.Osyth Priory has only recently re-opened its doors to the public to host weddings and being a recommended supplier also means that I wanted to get as many new faces through the door to support them. St Osyth Priory Weddings matched beautifully with the lineup that I chose to support me.

The Lineup

I had the most incredible lineup of entertainment for St Osyth Priory Weddings and I was very lucky to have them all available on the same night. Singer Yazmin Wood got the party started at 7 pm whilst Michael from MK Magic made his way around to wow the guests before the night had even fully kicked off. I started my set at 8 pm and was then joined by Jonny on Sax, Saskia on Sax, Dan Rawley & Mistershed on Percussion!
MLC Events put together an awesome display for sound and lighting production ensuring the night both looked great and sounded great too – especially for a sold-out event! Steve Hood Films took care of videography and his work was phenomenal (as always)
I was over the moon to have Helen Kirkham on photography who also captured loads of incredible shots throughout the night! Although Yazmin finished her set at 8 pm, the guests loved her so she surprised everyone with another high-energy set later in the night which the guests loved.


The Event

The event at St Osyth Priory weddings run from 7 pm til Midnight – there were no set timings for anything on the night for performers (apart from Yazmins 1 hr set at the start of the night). Jonny, Saskia, Dan & Seb just came on and off as they pleased and at some points of the night, we had all four performers at once which was just epic!
We sold out the event and for the size of the room we had available – this worked out to 150 guests. By the time you added in all the entertainment team and the venue staff – I believe we were at around 170 in the venue. This made the atmosphere intense without being too tight – absolutely perfect!

We had Mark from Mirrored Moments on the night who took around a mobile photobooth known as ‘the roamer’ – guests were able to have their photo taken without leaving the dancefloor which was just awesome! We also had a pizza oven on the night just outside of the entrance.
I was over the moon! … not only with the turnout but the atmosphere on the night too! We had a great mix of age groups which perfectly demonstrated our ability to please everyone at a wedding even when we’d never met the guests before or know anyones taste in music etc.

The Music

Mr. Belt & Wezol – It’s Not Right (but It’s ok) was probably the track I was most looking forward to playing on the night as it’s just one of those tracks that brings everyone together – It’s got a great house beat to please those a little younger, with those classic Whitney lyrics that everyone loves to sing along to. I feel like this is going to be a huge summer track for 2024 which will follow in place of another Whitney remix from Beyond Chicago in 2023 (which I also absolutely loved)… (I’m slowly realising that I’m a big Whitney fan haha)

Future Plans

I’d absolutely love to run DJ Scott Dewing and Friends again. St Osyth Priory Weddings are a dream to work with and this was the perfect venue for my event. If it’s not towards the end of the year then it will be early 2025. For now, I need to get my thinking cap on to make it bigger and better every year/event.


Main Event Wedding Shows (the biggest Wedding Show provider in the county) was the official sponsor of the event for the St Osyth Priory wedding venue and it was a pleasure to have them on board! They put the event in front of thousands of couples registered on their website.
A Big Thank You!
To summarise, the event and its success meant the world to me. To collaborate with St Osyth Priory weddings was fantastic and I can’t wait to do something like this again. I couldn’t express more satisfaction and gratitude to everybody involved including those who came along, everyone who performed and the sponsorship of Main Event Wedding Shows.

Get In Touch

If you’re eager for more information or would like to hear about upcoming events please feel free to get in contact and I’ll be more than happy to hear from you!