Final Wedding Details Form

If you’re looking at this page, there’s a high chance you’ve not got long before you tie the knot – HOW EXCITING! To ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, I’d love for you to fill out the form below so I know exactly where I stand on the night, leaving you to relax and enjoy the day/evening.

Please take a look at the tips, tricks & inspiration (blue section) before filling out the form – I may be able to give you some food for thought before you start. If you’re looking at this page on a desktop, you’ll see this to the right however, if you’re on a mobile, click here to scroll down.

    Music Video DJ Booth (ground floor venues only)Flower Wall/Neon DJ BoothRustic DJ BoothClassic Black & White DJ Booth

    Leave us to dance the whole songInvite our guests to join after first chorusInvite our guests to join half way through the track

    Continue with our requestsSelect those you think will workJust do your own thingWe will come and speak to you

    Yes, play anything they ask forProviding it fits in with the style of music we've requestedNo, we'd prefer to stick to what we've requested

    Very little - (just to make the announcements we've asked for)Here and there (don't go mad)Go for it, let's have some fun!

    Tips, Tricks & Inspiration

    Photography & Videography Contact Info

    It may seem unusual for me to have your Photographers/Videographers contact details – after all, why would I need them? Well – It gives me a chance to touch base with them and ensure we’re both on the same page for key points of the day. I may know that you want your guests to join you after the first verse of your first dance – but do they know they’ve only got 30 -40 seconds to get that iconic shot for your album?

    Other Suppliers/Performers Contact Info

    All suppliers and performers generally use different equipment and if you’d like us to work alongside each other, then it’s really handy to know what equipment they’ll be using on the night incase there is something I need to bring with me.

    Selecting the right DJ Booth

    I have four to choose from – if you’re unsure of what they look like, head over to my Weddings page and scroll down to ‘Wedding DJ Setup’ – Click Here

    Setup Time

    If your whole Wedding is taking place in one room then you may need me to setup my equipment before your guests arrive or, setup at a specific time if there are several changes to the room throughout the day. Just let me know when is best for you and the venue and i’ll be there.

    Start Time

    Don’t panic – I’ll be there and ready 30 -45 minutes before the time you specify but I’d just like to know what time you’d ideally like the music to start.

    Finish Time

    Please let me know what time your reception will end and if there is potential that it could be extended on the night (with the venues permission).

    First Dance

    Its one of the most iconic moments of your Wedding day but it can be quite daunting for some. Whether you’re planning on a choreographed performance or just off the cuff – let me know how you’d like it to flow and if you’d like me to remove the ‘spotlight’ at any time by inviting your guests to the dancefloor.

    Second, Third, Fourth Dance

    Traditionally, the second dance of the night is generally the Bride & Father of the Bride. This is ofcourse completely your choice and can removed/exchanged if you’d prefer or simply kept to the first dance before moving on with the evening.

    Cutting the Cake

    When’s best to cut the cake and to what track? I tend to find it flows really well when everyone is invited to the dancefloor to cut the cake. All your guests are then in place ready for the first dance once the cake is removed by the venue staff. If you’re struggling to think of a track to have played while you cut the cake – think back to when you was thinking of your first dance. Which tracks didn’t make the cut? Now’s there time to shine and still be included on your special day.

    Are you throwing your bouquet?

    If you are throwing the bouquet then think of an upbeat track to encourage dancing, laughing and excitement. A popular request for the Bouquet Toss is Beyonce – Single Ladies which works well but don’t feel you have to roll with it.

    If your not throwing your bouquet and would like some ideas on what to do with it, you could: have it pressed and framed at home, give it to someone special or take it to the resting place of someone that couldn’t be with you on the day.

    Last Track

    It doesn’t always have to end with everyone kicking their legs up to Frank Sinatra – New York, New York – the choice is yours. Whether it’s that theme song to your family or a good old fashion sing along whatever the genre, just let me know how you’d like your night to end.

    One More Song!

    After an incredible night, it won’t be unusual for your guests to chant “ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG” This can be carried out in a couple of ways. I can either, keep it calm encouraging everyone to sing at the top of their voices to something along the lines of: Bob Marley – Three Little Birds (as an example) or we can ramp up the tempo one last time leaving the night on a massive high. If you really do want the last track you’ve already selected to officially be the last track of the evening then I can ofcourse make an announcement before hand to ensure it is the final track of the night.

    Your Requests

    You don’t have to give me any requests at all if you’d prefer not to. This is completely optional and is not limited to the amount of requests you can ask for. The easiest way to do this is by downloading the ‘request form’ which you can do by clicking here. Once you’ve downloaded the form it’s divided in to three sections. ‘Must play’ are for those tracks where you’d be absolutley gutted if it got to the end of the night and it wasn’t played on your special day. ‘Try to play’ are songs you may of heard on the radio etc that you’d love to hear through the night, providing they suit the atmosphere on the dancefloor at some point. ‘Avoid’ – please don’t feel you need to give me a reason – if they’re on this list, they won’t be played! This could be individual tracks, genres or even decades if they’re not to your taste.

    If you ask for ‘no cheese’ please try and be more specific – in my experience this has ranged from Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Come On Eileen to Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk and all inbetween so please try and give some examples to ensure we’re on the same page.

    General Music Theme

    If you know what gets your friends and family up on the dancefloor then don’t be shy to share the secret. I do pride myself on being able to ensure everyone has a great night but, if you or your guests are big fans of Kisstory, Soul & Motown or love a bit of Garage then at least I know where i’m aiming (even if we do take a little detour here and there).

    Microphone Use

    I’m very much on the fence with regards to use of the microphone, I see the pros and cons to both sides but it’s YOUR Wedding so you decide. I’m more than happy to have some fun on the mic to get a little crowd interaction going. This can break the ice, relax your guests and prepare them for a great night ahead. I can also just let the music do the talking. As a professional DJ I can assure you there is an art to using music to build up the atmosphere of the night which, will lead your guests to the dancefloor. I’m confident in both scenarios but like to offer you the choice to suit the atmosphere you’re hoping to achieve.

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