Want to hire a light up dancefloor Essex? Well now you can, because dancing is back!!

Dancefloors are back, and when you book your wedding DJ, don’t forget your light up dancefloor hire Essex people! Boris has kept his word and ‘freedom day’ of July 19th has happened, which lifts restrictions on social distancing – in other words, we’re free to get our party on again! It seems like a lifetime ago since we were able to walk up to a bar and order a pint or a cheeky cocktail; no downloading of apps or waiting for bar staff to come and take your order!

For my industry, this means no more awkward weddings, we can finally let our hair down, sip a drink standing up and get our dance on! Weddings before now have been a strange experience, for brides/grooms and suppliers too but as we burst into the light at the end of the tunnel, I cannot wait to party the night away with all of my customers and their guests!

Goodbye to awkward dancing in your seat, farewell to table service, and bon voyage to curfews! I’ve recently returned to DJ at weddings under government restrictions and I don’t mind saying that it is so frustrating as a wedding supplier to have your quality of service limited due to restrictions imposed. Granted, the restrictions were in place to help protect people from this virus, but being a wedding DJ, Essex based means I understand how much the people of Essex love to dance, so it was very frustrating not to be able to let loose and get the party moving on my starlit dancefloor!

But let’s move on from the negatives and focus on the positives – dancefloors are back!

We’ve got some catching up to do and the wedding industry is booming once again! I’ve had to be flexible with clients and move bookings on but now that time has come and I am ready for it!

light up dancefloor hire Essex | DJ Scott Dewing

There’s something quite magical about a wedding isn’t there?

Picture the scene, it’s your wedding day, you’ve said ‘I Do’, your guests are a few drinks in and I call you up to the LED dancefloor for your first dance as a married couple. At the opportune moment, your guests flood the dance floor and join you in dancing and celebrating your marriage. These are the beautiful moments that I am most excited about being a part of again.

A wedding is one of the biggest days in your life so there is huge pressure on my shoulders to absolutely nail my performance. So when it comes to collaborating with other musicians or artists, I have to get it right and pick the best partners. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Jonny, who is a Colchester-based Wedding Saxophonist, and Seb, who is a Wedding Bongo Performer. Collaborating with either Jonny or Seb adds a twist to my DJ performance and gives guests another memorable moment to share on the big day.

There is so much more to DJ Scott Dewing than being an awesome Wedding DJ, I’m trying to be one of the best light up dance floor hire Essex based companies too. You can hire my sparkly Wedding Starlit Dancefloor here.
Over the years I’ve worked with some great suppliers such as mobile bar hire, marquee hire, and lighting. Here is a list of my recommended suppliers, I highly suggest using any of those listed.

The last 18 months or so have been dreadful, so it’s great to finally have something to be cheerful about. Now back on course, I can continue providing great memories for my clients in the hope of being the best wedding DJ Essex has ever seen!


Light up dancefloor hire Essex

Remember, if you want my starlit light up dancefloor hire Essex people I urge you to get in touch. When I say Essex, remember that I do offer my services and hire to businesses across the East of England too! If you are looking for light up dancefloor hire Essex, or any of my other wedding DJ services, please contact me here. Alternatively, for up-to-date news, reviews, and images from recent events please visit either my Facebook or Instagram page.

I look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon!