It’s time for that Leap Year Proposal ladies!

In this blog, we are going to talk about the leap year proposal tradition. Being the go-to Wedding DJ Essex has to offer, I am always in full-blown celebration/party mode. Whether that be a corporate event, birthday party, engagement party, or wedding – whatever the celebration, I will always strive to create the best atmosphere for you and your guests to keep the party going all night long. My favourite parties to host have to be Engagement parties and Weddings. Full of love and happiness from family and friends to celebrate their nearest and dearest. This brings me to talk to you about my blog topic this week. A leap year proposal. Strange thing for DJ to be chatting about, hey? Absolutely not! And here is why…

A little bit about Leap Year

So most of us know that a leap year happens every 4 years where we gain an extra day at the end of February, being February the 29th. Did you know this happens to keep our calendar in line with the Earth’s cycle around the sun? Bit of Astrology knowledge for you. Also, leap years were first introduced by Julius Caesar himself back in 46 B.C. So not that long ago – Haha! Some cultures refer to a Leap Year as very unlucky, while others choose to celebrate it to the full by holding multi-day festivities. I could definitely get on board with a Leap Year party so get in touch if you ever fancy it.
But the most popular tradition is a leap year proposal by women. Yes, a very dated tradition, especially for 2024 with equality being such a hot topic. It is a tradition nonetheless. It dates all the way back the 5th century Ireland. From back then, right through to the current day, it gives women the opportunity to propose to their partners who are taking the sweet time to pop the question. So now’s your chance ladies, if he is taking too long you can take matters into your own hands. Then you can crack on and book that amazing Wedding DJ you have heard so much about.

Celeb proposals

Although the female proposal tradition may be extremely outdated, it seems that it is still quite a popular idea that quite a few celebs have followed. For example, Britney Spears proposed to Kevin Federline back in 2004. And Pink popped the question to Cary Hart during his Mammoth Lakes motocross race in 2005. Unfortunately, both relationships have sadly ended. But Kristen Bell and Dax Shapard are still going strong today after Kristen’s leap year proposal of 2009. Well done guys!

Leap year proposal | women dancing at party

How much longer will the tradition last?

With gender equality being a huge topic the question is how long will the leap year tradition be kept alive? I personally think that, yes, although the relationship horizon has broadened for the better, the leap year proposal tradition is here to stay. There will always be a significant other somewhere getting bored of waiting on their other half to drop down on one knee, or a hopeless romantic who wants to buck the trend and have a proposal to remember.

Why I love a wedding

What’s not to love? Drinks are flowing and friends and family have gathered from near and far to celebrate the happy couple. My job is the easy bit. Bringing the party. There is nothing that brings people closer together than a wedding and MUSIC. I work closely with you and your partner to bring a meaningful and tailored playlist to make sure the starlit dance floor is always full and the music brings you both happy memories to last a lifetime. If you had a particular song playing during your leap year proposal I can make it fit perfectly within your playlist.

How I can help with your leap year proposal…

Whether you want an engagement party just to warm up ready for the big day, or you are good to get cracking with the wedding plans. I am your number one Essex wedding DJ. I am not your ordinary DJ as I can offer so many added extras. From a starlit dancefloor, a phenomenal saxophonist or bongos performer, or a fun photobooth we create the ultimate celebration your guest will be raving about for years to come. Read our reviews to hear from previous happy couples and wedding guests. Get in contact to find out my availability for your big day. We can’t wait to help make your leap year proposal have the happiest of endings with the perfect wedding.