Hiring a dance floor for your wedding? Here are the best songs to get everyone up and dancing!

Having a fantastic wedding playlist to keep your guests grooving and having fun all night is an important part of what elevates a good wedding into an unforgettable one. Having a great wedding playlist is so important as it’s essentially the theme song for your big day. It’s what will be heard in the background of all your wedding videos and what you’ll be seen dancing along to in photographs.

A good wedding playlist will transport you and your guests back to your wedding dance floor whenever they hear certain tunes for years to come. When you hire DJ Scott Dewing, the best wedding DJ Essex has heard, you can expect just that.

Along with having the best wedding dance floor hire Essex has to offer to provide the ultimate disco experience, I believe I can provide music that gets everybody up and dancing!

Upon the day, I will read the room and consider the atmosphere you wish to create when deciding what music will work at your wedding. However, there are some songs that are loved by many and therefore almost always requested. Here are the most highly requested hits that get even the most reluctant dancers to the floor.

Dancing Queen – Abba

Of course, you can’t have a celebration without Abba. ‘Dancing Queen’ is a hit at any event and is always guaranteed to get guests “having the time of their lives’! This well-known classic speaks to all generations, and from experience, I can say nobody can resist a boogie to this 70’s hit. From Grandma to Granddaughter, ‘Dancing Queen’ is a feel-good, heartfelt tune that always makes an appearance on the wedding playlist. Make sure to check out my wedding dance floor hire Essex to make sure your dance floor is Abba-ready!

Wedding dancefloor hire Essex

Don’t Stop Me Now – Queen

With Queen’s popularity skyrocketing once again in recent years (and rightly so!) the classic rock band’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is the perfect tune to create memories to. This song is one that everybody automatically knows the lyrics to, and if you don’t, it doesn’t take long to get the hang of it!

Punchy, classic and easy to rock too, ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’ is one to light up your wedding dance floor hire Essex too, especially with my LED floors!

Ho Hey – The Lumineers

The Lumineers music is welcome at any wedding, especially ‘Ho Hey’. While it is most commonly requested at boho style weddings, the indie-folk song is subtle and sweet, and therefore fits into any wedding playlist. From experience, I know guests cannot help but clap along to the beat!

Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston’s ‘Dance With Somebody’ is bound to make an appearance on any wedding playlist. It’s fun, it’s bold, it’s an easy sing and dance along and it’s the perfect way to get all guests grooving. Take a look at my photo booth hire to make sure your guests can capture some photos with their dance buddies for this one!

Wedding dancefloor hire Essex

Come On Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

From my many years of experience as a wedding DJ, ‘Come On Eileen’ is always a highly requested song. Although nobody really knows what the lyrics mean, the song is so easy to bob along to, it doesn’t matter!

If you’ve ever danced to ‘Come On Eileen’, you know there’s a slow build-up and then a whole lot of grooving! Make sure you have a sturdy enough dance floor to handle such a crowd-pleaser and take a look at my wedding dance floor hire Essex here!

The Time Of My Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes

Dirty Dancing fan or not, you cannot deny that it’s the ultimate love story and therefore ‘The Time Of My Life’ should be treated like the ultimate love song!

However, when it comes to this classic song, you’ll for sure want to make sure you’ve got the best wedding dance floor hire Essex has to offer secured for your own safety. This song comes with its very own dance moves, including the famous lift, and if I’ve learnt anything from being one of the best wedding DJs Essex has heard, it’s that guests just love to recreate the iconic scene!

Wedding dance floor hire Essex with DJ Scott Dewing

When you book with me, Scott Dewing, you can be assured that you will have an incredible wedding playlist and DJ experience for your big day. I will make a judgment on the day based upon the current mood of guests, the age range and the atmosphere you wish to create and take it from there. If you have specific songs in mind, I’ll be more than happy to play them. Above are songs I find are almost always requested, no matter the style of wedding. They’re loved by all ages, they’re easy to sing and dance to and they create the perfect feel-good, let-your-hair-down atmosphere that most weddings aim to achieve.

To make sure you have the best time possible on your wedding day and help create (and capture!) Those precious memories, take a look at my photo booth hire, light up letters hire and LED Starlite wedding dance floor hire Essex.

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