Predicted wedding trends 2023 and how they’ll change weddings as we know them!

Wedding trends 2023 with DJ Scott Dewing

2022 is coming to a close and the wedding industry is breathing a sigh of relief. The hectic year has brought a small wedding boom, with couples forced to plan their big days with restrictions in mind. This has been a breeding ground for stress, short-notice requests and delays.

Thankfully, 2023 is on the horizon and the wedding world is gearing up to welcome it in. This incredible new year is set to be a game changer for weddings all around and is expected to bring some new and some old wedding trends to the table. With no restrictions and many with a new view on what’s important (due to the last few years), 2023 is set to rewrite how we do weddings today.

Of course, the reinventing of weddings doesn’t happen overnight. Every big shift starts with small changes. When it comes to weddings, these small changes are trends!

As the best wedding DJ Essex has to offer (if I do say so myself!) I, DJ Scott Dewing, have seen many trends come and go throughout my years in the wedding industry. Some weird, some wonderful, but all fantastic and unique, wedding trends offer insight into how modern weddings are changing and evolving over time. Without further adieu, here are my top wedding trends 2023 predictions!

Those that matter most

Over the last few years, many have realised just how important family is. I expect this to be evident in weddings in 2023.

Traditional weddings have always been focused on being a large celebration for many to attend. I foresee ceremonies becoming more intimate and personalised, where the guest list only consists of people who truly mean a lot to you and your partner. This says goodbye to distant cousins you haven’t seen in 10 years, cuts out plus ones and allows you to remember your ceremony with all your favourite people by your side, not lost in a crowd of people you only half know.

Time with your closest friends and family is more valuable now than ever, and I believe this will play a huge part in the wedding trends 2023.

wedding trends 2023 with DJ Scott Dewing

Photos with emotion

Photography styles are heavily influenced by trends. In the past decade, heavily edited and choreographed photos have been the go-to for wedding photos. These are created to look insta-ready and give the illusion of a flawless day.

Heading into 2023, I believe many people are opting to distance themselves from social media’s expectation of perfectly timed photographs. Instead, I predict the wedding industry will welcome a documentary style of photography.

This style offers natural, candid style photos of your guests and yourself having genuine fun. It captures real moments of joy instead of constructed ones and creates photos that show real emotion and movement, just as it happened on your big day.

Another way to capture real moments with people you love is with a classic photo booth. These have always been great wedding entertainment as they often tell a story through photos as the night unfolds. Capturing real laughs with friends and cheesy moments with family, make sure to check out my photo booth hire here!

Dress to have fun

In the essence of caring less about creating the perfect day and focusing more on the people and enjoyment, mismatched bridesmaid dresses are on the wedding trends 2023 list.

This trend comes from brides no longer caring about having the perfect theme or style of the bridal brigade and instead, letting their bridesmaids wear what they feel comfortable in. Whether that’s picking their dress style or just their colour, this mismatched dress trend allows bridesmaids to show off their personalities and be real people, not just bridesmaid number 4.

In all my years as DJ Scott Dewing in the wedding industry, I have seen far too many brides and bridesmaids falling out over dress choices. This trend will instantly take away the pressure of playing a part in the wedding and instead, let people enjoy the day.

Colour is back

Minimalist, boho, and rustic weddings have been all the rage in the past 5 years. These styles of weddings are often carefully planned, simplistic and created with an aesthetic in mind.

Couples are coming away from trying to create the perfect Pinterest set-up and instead are more concerned about creating a whimsical wedding that represents them. This is where I predict, we see colour make a comeback!

The picture-perfect wedding is no longer a top priority and good riddance! Instead, having fun, enjoying the day and celebrating is what it’s all about. This is where I believe we’ll see a lot more colour in people’s wedding designs, with a shift towards a more playful aesthetic. I am very excited for colour to make its way back into the wedding world as part of the wedding trends 2023.

Colour is a great way to introduce all sorts of decorations and add-ons to your wedding day. When you’re not limited to neutral tones and rustic vibes, you can truly expand to just about anything! From unique TV wedding displays, sparkling light-up letters or an LED dancefloor that’s just too glamorous to fit in the barn scene. If you’re looking for something a bit different for your big day, make sure to check out my add-ons!

wedding trends 2023 with DJ Scott Dewing

It’s cool to be carefree

There are plenty of wedding trends 2023 I predict to see throughout the year. The one I am most looking forward to is the one where it’s cool to be carefree.

For a long time, weddings have been deemed stressful, exhausting and challenging. Now, I believe many people have realised that weddings do not have to be this way. Instead, you can have a wedding that is non-aesthetic, outside of social media expectations and has moments that don’t go to plan and still have the best day ever.

I expect to see more brides and grooms letting their hair down, living in the moment and truly experiencing their wedding day in all its gloom and glory.

A guaranteed way to make sure everybody is having a good time and not worrying is with music. After all, it’s hard to not enjoy yourself when you’re boogying away on the dance floor! Make sure to check out my LED starlight dance floors for hire here. Recommended by the best wedding DJ Essex has heard, it’s too good to skip!

Wedding trends 2023 made better with music

I cannot wait to see what wedding trends arise in the next year and watch how the wedding scene evolves and grows.

However, these trends are all made better when you add music.

Good music is key for any wedding. No matter what dress you’ve got, music allows you to hit the dance floor and show it off. No matter what photography style you choose, you need music to provide the good times to capture. No matter how many colours you’ve got, nothing allows you to express yourself as much as dancing does.

If you’re looking for a sure way to have fun and create a memorable day, make sure to check out my wedding DJ Essex packages. Whether you like DJ, bongos or even the saxophone, I’ve got something for you. Get in touch to see how I, DJ Scott Dewing can help you.

I can’t wait to help you create an awesome wedding day in 2023!