Beyond the music – What else can DJ Scott Dewing offer you?

Looking for make your wedding truly unique? My light up dance floor hire could be for you, or maybe you’ll love my light up letters? Read on to see what else I can offer you!

When it comes to creating the perfect wedding atmosphere, there’s nobody who knows more than me – DJ Scott Dewing. With years of experience in the wedding scene, I believe I have the skills to craft unforgettable memories on your wedding day.

If you’re on the hunt for a wedding DJ Essex, you’re in the right place! Your special day deserves a DJ who understands your vision, and then goes above and beyond to exceed it. If you’re after enchanting moments, charming memories and a fun-filled wedding, get in touch!

I consider myself to be the best wedding DJ Essex can offer for good reason. With years of spinning tunes under my belt, I’ve perfected the art of making every wedding the best it can be.

I’m not just about playlists; I’m about personal connections. I’ll get to know your love story better than your favourite song and create a mix that’s your unique anthem. From classics that make grandparents tap their toes to beats that get even the shyest guests grooving, I’ve got a track for everyone and every situation.

However, my services extend beyond being an awesome wedding DJ. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of attending hundreds of magical weddings – and at everyone, I’ve noticed how big of an impact the little elements can have in crafting the perfect wedding day.

Your dream wedding matters to me as much as it does to you, which is why I’ve introduced a range of wedding add-ons that can take your big day from good to great!

My range of hirable extras acts as puzzle pieces, fitting seamlessly into your day to complete your picture-perfect wedding. When you’re not certain what’s missing, these additions are here to bridge the gap! From light up dance floor hire to tv displays and more, I’ve got it all!

Without further ado, here’s what add-ons I can offer and why you need them!

LED Starlit Light Up Dance Floor hire

Imagine a dance floor so beautiful it becomes a centrepiece of your wedding – then say hello to my LED starlit light up dance floor hire! With twinkling lights beneath your feet, my LED starlit light up dance floor hire will make you and your guests feel like you’re dancing among the stars.

Whatever type of venue you’re in, with my light up dance floor hire, your wedding will instantly be transformed into a glamorous wonderland.

Make sure your dance area is about more than just dancing – make sure it’s where unforgettable and unique moments are made. The sparkling LEDs from my light up dance floor hire will not only create the perfect mood for your first dance but also allow you to lower the venue’s lights for an enchanting glow.

My LED starlit light up dance floor hire is something you didn’t know you needed – until you found it! Check it out on my website!

Bride and groom getting ready to dance their first dance on DJ Scott Dewings light up dance floor hire

Light Up Letters and shapes

Your love story is unique, and my light-up letters and shapes are here to celebrate that!

These big and beautiful structures can add a touch of magic to your wedding day by spelling out your initials, names, or a special message. They act as great decor and photo backdrops and are overall a nice addition to any wedding.

When it comes to light up letters and shapes, most have followed the traditional path – white letters with chunky, bright bulbs. However, I believe in creating one-of-a-kind experiences that are unique to you – which is why my light up letters are a little different!

Instead, my letters have a white exterior against a black backdrop, creating a twinkling star effect that’s mesmerising. Pair these starry letters with my LED starlit light up dance floor hire and you’ll create a venue that’s sure to impress!

Speaking of stars, even the legendary Sir Tom Jones himself couldn’t resist the allure of my magical letters. He brought their charm to life at his concert in Castle Park, Colchester way back in 2019!

Wedding TV Displays

There’s no better time to tell the story of you and your partner than on your wedding day!

With my wedding tv display, you can share all of your treasured memories with family and friends in a special way. From cute vacation snapshots, pre-wedding pics, adorable childhood home videos, snapshots from your first date, the proposal video, photos of those who can’t be there with you, or something else – the choice of what you display on your tv is completely yours.

My wedding TV displays are just another reason why I am considered the best wedding DJ Essex can offer!

Photo Booth Hire

A photo booth is a must at any wedding. Guests can’t resist the opportunity to capture playful moments they can treasure long after the celebration ends.

Allow your guests to dress up with some hilarious props, strike a pose, travel the globe with the greenscreen feature and cherish the memory for years to come. It’s an invitation to laughter and a keepsake that’ll forever hold a piece of your big day.

If you want a sneak peek into all the fun, check out my Facebook page for the latest snapshots and to see just how awesome my photobooth hire truly is!

Funny photo of wedding guests enjoying props from DJ Scott Dewings - with the best light up dance floor hire - photo booth hire

What makes me the best wedding DJ Essex can offer?

These extra services aren’t just for show; they are proof of my dedication to making your wedding day exceptional. From my LED starlit light up dance floor hire and photo booth hire to my TV displays, each element is carefully chosen to make your wedding stand out.

Paired with my wedding DJ Essex entertainment packages, I can help bring the wedding of your dreams to life.

Take a look at my wedding DJ Essex packages.

For a wedding that impresses, choose DJ Scott Dewing

When you choose me for all of your wedding entertainment needs, you’re not just hiring a DJ – you’re choosing an experience.

As the best wedding DJ Essex has, I’m here to help you turn your celebration into everything you envisioned.

From light up dance floor hire to photo booth hire and so much more, to find out how I can help you, get in contact today!