Predicated wedding trends of 2024 from DJ Scott Dewing

Ready for a glimpse at the latest and greatest trends of 2024, and how the best wedding DJ hire can help? Read on!

As the new year approaches, the buzz for the upcoming 2024 weddings is growing! Whether you’re well into planning or just starting to gather ideas, you’re in the right place. Here are my predictions for 2024 wedding trends that’ll make your celebration extra special!

The wedding industry is buzzing with fresh and fabulous ideas that are set to make your big day unforgettable – and who better to guide you through them than the finest wedding DJ Essex has to offer – none other than yours truly, DJ Scott Dewing!

So, grab a cuppa and prepare for all the trends I believe will shape weddings in 2024.

Going digital

2024 is all about embracing technology to enhance your wedding experience!

From virtual guest books to live-streaming your ceremony for loved ones who can’t attend in person, you can expect technology to play an even bigger role in weddings than it already does!

As the best wedding DJ Essex has to offer, of course, I’m somewhat tech-savvy!

With cutting-edge tech equipment to create the most awesome sounds and impressive digital hire displays – such as my wedding TV displays and light-up letters – I am the best wedding DJ Essex can offer for good reason! Looking to incorporate a digital touch into your wedding in 2024? Choose my wedding DJ hire!

The rise of themed weddings

Themed weddings are making a comeback, and they’re more creative than ever! Whether you’re dreaming of a vintage-inspired wedding or a whimsical fairy-tale affair, couples are finding unique ways to express their personalities through themed celebrations.

My wedding DJ hire is perfect for your special day – I love curating playlists that complement your chosen theme, setting the perfect mood for your one-of-a-kind celebration.

Finding a wedding DJ who understands and works with evolving wedding trends can be difficult – but thankfully, DJ Scott Dewing is here!

Wedding flowers on table, from the predicated trends of the best wedding DJ hire DJ Scott Dewing

Micro weddings

In the era of intimate gatherings, micro weddings are stealing the spotlight. Couples are opting for smaller, more personalised celebrations with their nearest and dearest. I specialise in curating playlists that reflect your unique love story, making your micro wedding an extraordinary and intimate affair – it’s what makes me the best wedding DJ Scott can offer!

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Statement lighting

Lighting isn’t just an afterthought; it’s a big deal when it comes to shaping the feel of your wedding!

While it’s been a bit overlooked lately, I see it taking centre stage in wedding planning. Whether it’s the warm glow of fairy lights, the classic charm of chandeliers, or even a wedding night by candlelight, I predict lighting will play a key role in the atmosphere of wedding’s in 2024.

Of course, as the best wedding DJ Essex can offer, I have some stunning lighting features to make your wedding feel truly romantic. From my LED starlit dance floor, which can make your first dance truly breathtaking, to my light-up letters to add that extra glamour, let’s light up your celebration together!

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Wedding DJ hire is more than just selecting someone to play music; it’s about choosing a professional who understands the importance of your celebration and works to create a bespoke and spellbinding performance that will complete your big day. Thankfully, DJ Scott Dewing is here to do just that!

Whether you’re captivated by the predicted trends of 2024 or prefer to come up with your own ideas, my wedding DJ hire is here to ensure your big day is nothing short of extraordinary.

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